Interior trend: The perfect walk-in closet

Interior Trend: The perfect walk-in closetWhen searching for a new home, it’s sensible to compile a wishlist of the additional features you’re looking for, covering everything from en-suite bathrooms to an indoor swimming pool. Today at Engel & Völkers, we’re focusing on something we’ve seen requested time after time: the walk-in closet. Whether you already have a designated space or are in the process of planning one out, take a look at our guide to presenting all your clothes in the best possible light.

Think creatively

Just because your home didn’t come with a walk-in closet doesn’t mean that you can’t create one. Examine your home for any rooms with overlooked potential. If you have a spare guest room, study or loft space, innovative design could reinvent any one of these as a dressing room. You may require a custom-made storage system to ensure that you make maximum use of the space you have, forsaking antiques for harmoniously built-in units.

Take measurements

Whether you’re building or adapting your walk-in closet, you’ll need to plan the layout carefully. Use a measuring tape to check that the dimensions meet your requirements, allotting at least 120cm of horizontal wardrobe space per person and factoring in a combination of rails, drawers and shelving. If the room has high ceilings, select storage units that make use of vertical space. You may also wish to leave room for a vanity area, seating or additional mirrors.

Adjust the lighting

To view your clothes at their best, it is essential that your closet has flattering lighting. Fit halogen lights along the length of the room so that the corners are evenly illuminated. This will create a more natural effect than simply placing a single bulb in the centre of the ceiling. Use a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness according to your mood or the occasion you are dressing for, using soft light for evening events and brighter lights to dress for the day.

Focus on design

A walk-in closet requires the same level of attention to detail that you apply to all other interior design projects. Start by critically examining your wardrobe as a design statement and consider which aesthetic approach will best complement your clothes. If your wardrobe favours clean lines and a monochrome palette, minimalism may be the most natural fit, while opulent colours and patterns require a more bohemian theme. Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme, you can begin selecting the basic elements, such as wallpaper, wooden doors and storage units, then move on to rugs and cushions. The more soft furnishings you can incorporate into your design, the more welcoming your walk-in closet will feel.

Add a dressing area

For your walk-in closet to provide a fully convenient experience you’ll need at least one full length mirror, to ensure you can see your outfit properly before leaving the house. You may wish to choose a three-panelled mirror, to allow you to check multiple angles without twisting. If your closet incorporates a vanity area, source an antique dressing table and mirror and set out everything you need for your hair and makeup.

With Engel & Völkers’ collection of outstanding properties in over 500 international locations, your dream home complete with walk-in closet could be closer than you think. Visit our website to start your search today.


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