Interior trend: setting up a home office

Interior trend: setting up a home officeWorking from home can be the perfect way to maximise your productivity in a stress-free environment, but in order to do this, you need an effective home office. Of course, everyone’s requirements are different, and your first step should always be to establish the office’s key functions; for example, whether you’ll be working independently or with colleagues. After you’ve done this, plan through these five key considerations for any home workspace.


One of the main culprits when it comes to getting distracted at work is a maze of confused wires, crisscrossing over the floor and under your desk. Not only can this cause you to waste time, but it also makes the space feel much more stressful and cluttered. Go wireless wherever possible, especially with computing accessories like your mouse and printer. Ensure your laptop has a long battery life, super-fast broadband and high-speed processing power to save your work being hindered by needless delays and technical issues.


Good quality lighting is too often overlooked when designing a work space within the home, but it’s crucial to both your efficiency and your mental health. Ideally, your office will be well-placed in a room that receives plenty of daylight, the best source of white light possible. In this palatial property situated in Palma, floor to ceiling windows line the office, giving unobstructed access to daylight and inspirational natural vistas. Make the space bright and neutral, with whitewashed or stone-coloured walls and plenty of light-reflecting glass and natural wood throughout.


To maintain a healthy work-life balance, your office should have all the privacy you need to get projects done. In open-plan living spaces, this can be an issue, but this villa in Mallorca has the perfect solution in the form of a mezzanine floor. The higher aspect of the office demarcates the space as a work zone, while still giving you a liberating sense of openness and space.


The key to organisation is simple: plenty of storage. First of all, assess your needs; does your work require access to reference files, or will you use sketching materials and other items of stationery? Once you’ve worked out your individual requirements, you can start planning your storage accordingly. Keep desk clutter to an absolute minimum; the space is here is for working only. This South African property exemplifies maximising desk space and storing essentials stylishly, making use of earthy wicker boxes for important files and materials.


The spacial layout of your office should be conducive to happiness and comfort as well as productivity. Invest in ergonomically-designed chairs and foot rests to care for your back when sitting down, and ensure that there are places to stand and walk around throughout the day. Take inspiration from the minimalist, clutter-free office environment shown in the Palma mansion, with its distinct spaces for individual work, group brainstorming and stretching your legs. Not only is this good for your health, but it can also boost your creativity and brain power.

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