Interior trends: How to create good flow in your home

Interior Trends: How to bring good flow into your homeWhen you’re planning out the interior design of your property there are hundreds of things to consider – but one crucial element that’s often overlooked is flow. It may sound like a fanciful notion, but this is actually a fairly tangible ideal. The best-designed properties have a sense of consistency, allowing residents and visitors to look from one room to another and see that everything forms a comprehensive whole. Flow is also about navigation, creating clear pathways and visual cues for your guests to follow. Not only does this make your house feel like a home, but if Feng Shui principles are to believed, it can infuse the property with positive energy. Follow these simple steps to preserve good flow in your home.

Hang plenty of mirrors

Mirrors add depth and light to a room, making spaces feel larger than they actually are. You can use mirrors to open up smaller rooms like bathrooms, to brighten up narrow corridors, or to add a sense of grandeur to large rooms. Look for interesting shapes with frames that complement your existing decor.

Add visual cues

If your property flows well, new guests should be able to find their way around effortlessly. The entrance hall should be free from clutter, with a designated space for people to hang coats and bags and place their shoes, if necessary. Area rugs can be used to divide open plan spaces – if your lounge leads into a dining area, carpets spread beneath the sofas and armchairs make it clear where one space ends and another begins.

Stick to a strict colour scheme

Choose a few core colours and match them to different parts of the room. For example, if your palette consists of burnt orange, cream and mahogany, a burnt orange rug could sit beneath a burnt orange couch, while cream armchairs blend into cream walls. The deep brown can be then used as an accent colour, with wooden vases, mahogany picture frames, and dark brown cushions.

Keep your home decor consistent

Choose a decorative style that you’re happy with and extend it across the whole property. Colour schemes and accessories should thematically link to other rooms in the house. This can be accomplished with bedside lamps that are smaller replicas of the floor lamp in the living room, or with bed linen the same shade of blue as the table runner in the dining room.  

Add structure with focal points

In each room, there should be an obvious focal point. This gives people something to settle their gaze on, creating a more relaxing atmosphere. Strong focal points include grand fireplaces, large portraits, or a feature wall. If you opt for a feature wall, make sure whichever colour or pattern you choose has echoes around the house, to provide a striking contrast without disrupting the overall flow.

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