Interview with Pablo Gulías, Managing Director of Engel & Völkers Bilbao

Why do I need a real estate agent?Why do I need a real estate agent?
A real estate agent provides the necessary overview of the processes behind the real estate business, which can often be very confusing and complex. The staff of Engel & Völkers Bilbao help you not only to understand the steps that lead up to the purchase or sale of a property, but also to make the process as stress-free as possible for you. An experienced real estate agent will make sure that you understand every single clause of a contract that you sign.

What are the advantages?
It’s often only pure intuition that makes you decide to buy a property – but be careful! When buying a property, it’s crucial to consider all extra costs. We provide comprehensive advice and will calculate the realistic value of an investment for you. We also give tips regarding reserve funds for future renovations. All this will make your dream of a perfect home come true!

Can’t I just sell my property on my own?
Whoever has already tried to buy or sell a property on their own will have discovered how incredibly time-consuming this is. It’s not just about spending hours surfing the Internet or perusing the newspapers for the ideal property; no, time must also be devoted to research and negotiations. If you want to spare yourself all the time and effort, you should work together with a real estate agent, who – thanks to their experience – can work much more efficiently.

How do I recognise a good real estate agent?
A good real estate agent should work very hard to identify what kind of property is suitable for their client – and in order to get the necessary information, a long list of contacts is needed. Whether it’s about finding out what might happen to the empty field behind your dream home or getting information about building projects currently planned, your agent should offer expert advice and guide you through the decision-making process.

Our tip: If you are considering your next property sale or purchase in the region, contact Engel & Völkers Bilbao. All our staff undergo extensive training at the Engel & Völkers Academy. The Academy was founded almost 20 years ago to guarantee that our employees can advise you on the property market in Bilbao in the best possible manner and offer you high-quality professional service.

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