The job interview: 10 steps to success

Welcome to the teamWith more than 4,700 employees working in 38 countries across five continents, a job at Engel & Völkers could be your first step towards an international career. We’re always searching for new talent and offer intensive training schemes at our academy to give employees all the tools they need to succeed. However, getting the job you want can be nerve-wracking, especially during the interview process. If you have been invited to an interview at E&V, you can increase your chances of making it to the next stage by following our ten steps to success.



Step one: Relax

Have a good night’s sleep the evening before, eat a nourishing breakfast on the day, and arrive with time to spare. Being tired, hungry, or stressed can seriously impact your performance in an interview.

Step two: Research
Learn who we are before attending the interview. This will help you to understand our place in the market and how you might fit into our company and its culture, which will then also help you to formulate meaningful answers.

Step three: Consider your body language
In addition to dressing well you should smile, sit up straight and look open and engaged. Maintain eye contact and don’t fold your arms. Never be afraid to make friendly small talk before and after the interview.

Step four: Know yourself
Know what your strengths are and where your skills lie, as well as what your weaknesses may be. Always have some recent examples of times when you have successfully utilised your skills and consider how you could apply them to any similar situations in this new role.

Step five: Sell yourself
Questions like “tell me a bit about yourself” are an invitation to explain why you are the ideal candidate. Describe how your contribution can add value to the company.

Step six: Be memorable
Make yourself stand out from the crowd by doing something different. This could be as simple as talking about an interesting hobby you have, or discussing any unusual (yet relevant) career experience.

Step seven: Pause
Don’t answer the question straight away. Pause for a few seconds to process what your interviewer is asking and take a moment to think about what you want to say. This will prevent rambling answers.

Step eight: Don’t overprepare
If you’re trying to remember lines you rehearsed earlier, you won’t be able to listen to the questions properly or answer them honestly. Have a loose idea of points you would like to get across, but don’t memorise them word for word.

Step nine: Do prepare some questions
Some key areas to inquire about are training opportunities, how your potential role relates to the company structure, and how performance is reviewed. These questions show that you are career-minded and care about your continued professional development.

Step ten: Know your limits
Being open and honest about your previous experience is far better than trying to bluff your way through an interview. Don’t be afraid to admit weaknesses and ask whenever you don’t understand something. At Engel & Völkers, we often hire newcomers to the real estate industry: the only caveat is that they are willing to learn and have the confidence to accept that they don’t always know the correct answer. You can find out more about careers at E&V by visiting our official website.

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