By Jamey Gordon




It’s now truly “Jo’burg by the sea”.

This has emerged from information gathered by the DistrictMail from local estate agents and schools this week, indicating that Gauteng and Eastern Cape residents are moving to the Helderberg in numbers not seen before.

According to various estate agents, the reasons for the “in-migration” are the Helderberg’s lower crime rate and the quality of its schools; economic reasons, and the picturesque setting and lifestyle offered by the Helderberg.

Carl Nagel, the manager at Rose McFall Properties, says that a “huge” increase in residents relocating from Gauteng and the Eastern Cape has been noted. He says their agency is receiving between 15 and 20 enquiries from Gauteng and the Eastern Cape every month.

Pieter Kotze, RE/MAX Helderberg estate agent and team leader, says that for the past six months they have been dealing with at least one to two families a week who want to relocate to the Helderberg from Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. Previously they dealt with only one or two a month.

Kotze mentions that he recently sold a house in Parel Vallei to a Gauteng family for R17,5million.

He says it has emerged in his dealings with Gauteng residents that the biggest reasons for their move are the lower crime rate in the Helderberg and the area’s quality schools and universities.

Louise Varga, branch manager of Pam Golding Properties Somerset West and Stellenbosch, echoes this.

“When we show property for buyers’ consideration, the first question asked is how far the schools are from the home in question,” says Varga.

Riaan de Waal, principal of Gordon’s Bay Primary School, says the school has seen an increase in the number of learners from Gauteng enrolled at the school. De Waal says 10 learners from Gauteng enrolled at the school within the first week of the year, and numbers have been on the increase ever since.

Gordon Reddell, principal at Beaumont Primary School, says he has not experienced a very dramatic increase in learners from Gauteng, but will be welcoming 20 to 25 learners that have relocated from Gauteng with their families in the new year.

Parel Vallei High School principal, David Schenck, says he has received between five and 10 applications from learners from Gauteng in the four months that he has been at the school.


Courtesy: District Mail 3 October 2014