More than just an apartment – more than just a house in Limburg

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Starting today, your dream house is in Limburg, a province of Belgium. Being able to choose from multiple properties was very important to you during your search for a new home. Now, you and your family are happy to have found the right villa with a fitting property.

Blick auf einen gepflegten grünen Garten umrandet von Blumenbeeten und Bäumen

Villa mit großzügiger Gartenanlage, Limburg, Belgien

Perhaps you’ll even meet your real estate agent again at the public screening of a World Cup match – it’s an event many fans wouldn’t dream of missing out on.

There’s laughter, cheers, excitement, and of course spectators doing waves everywhere. The World Cup fever has gripped Limburg, as well. Which team will be eliminated first? How often will the Belgian team be fouled? Will the hosts win the world championship in their own country in the end, or will another team take home the prize?


It’s questions like these you’ll also find the residents of Limburg asking. Your family is probably also among the many fans who are looking forward to this event, perhaps even having bought everything you need as a proud football fan a month in advance: colourful hats, the right jerseys, and the right football boots to go with all that.

Especially your children will get in the spirit: They’ll swap stickers for their new sticker album or kick around a FIFA football in the school yard.


If you and your wife are among the really passionate fans, the World Cup may even take over your house: Your wife will decorate the house in your favourite team colours. She’s even bought curtains in the right colours. But of course you should never forget to have a little bit of hospitality and international spirit – that’s why your wife has set the table with napkins in green, yellow, and blue.


Of course, everyone is looking forward to the World Cup. And if you’ve missed out on a ticket to Brazil, why not have a big and magnificent party in your new home of Limburg? That’s why there are public screenings for every important match, so you can even bring your whole family along. Together with other fans you can cheer for your favourites.


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