More than just real estate on Mallorca

Immobilien Mallorca

Life in a mansion with ocean-side view. That sounds like well-earned luxury – that sounds like you! You’ve always wanted to experience more than your colleagues. And the next thing could be premium property (a villa or finca) on Mallorca. Pioneers and forward thinkers like you need adventure tempered with security.

Perhaps you want to emigrate – just like Pierre, who realised his dream on Mallorca: He is an ambitious bicycle tour guide and organises many diverse routes for tourists running from Cap de Mar to Playa de Palma. This year, he is once again taking part in the 36th “Diada Ciclista”, a bicycle festival which attracts bicycle enthusiasts from all over the world.

Or would you rather combine professional success with leisure? Francesca and Giovanni, vintners by trade, made it happen: They operate a chain of exclusive wine stores throughout Italy and Spain. When the work is done, they lift a glass with the señores and señoras to another successful day among the orange trees and vine branches.


Immobilien Mallorca

Sometimes you can also find your fortune in the depths of the ocean – like Igor, a diving instructor. Every day, he unveils the fascinating underwater world of Mallorca to explorers big and small, all right next to his comfortable finca in Santa Maria.

Perhaps you’re one of the many Pierres, Francescas or Igors. And if not? Then know this: Mallorca needs you. And only you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a businessman, physician, or avid flamenco dancer.

Here, you’ll find a well-tanned golf instructor ready to give you some great pointers. Here, you’ll find a painter at a craft fair happy to see you soon. Here, you’ll find a waitress patiently waiting for your proud attempt at ordering “tapas y paella” in Spanish.


Immobilien Mallorca

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself lying on a hammock on your front porch during siesta. You can hear the steady sound of the sea. The sun is warmly caressing your face. The air is fragrant with salt and sun lotion. You’ve earned this calm.

But beware: Somebody else could be having the same idea right now. Start searching. Now. Right now. Don’t miss this chance of a lifetime to live a beautiful life in your new villa on the dream island of Mallorca!

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