Karig & Muntaner – The Fathers of Finca Style


This lovely country house in beautiful Port d’Andratx, Mallorca represents the architectural style of the architects Sebastian Karig and Jordi Muntaner. An homage to Mediterranean design combining traditional Mallorcan elements and lending a property a very special flair.


“Our belief is that a hKarig_Munanter_AndratxVilla2ouse can only be impressive when it perfectly adopts the culture and architecture of the region and nestles into the landscape in harmony with its surroundings”, so boths architects.
In 1985 Sebastian Karig & Jordi Muntaner discovered an old Mallorcan farm house, which immediately fascinated them with its air of simplicity. Both swore that we would keep this feeling alive in any future reconstruction and extension. The traditional floor plan looks like this: A living room and a kitchen on the ground floor which are separated by steep steps that lead to two chambers under the slanted roof. The terrace is large enough for you to sit comfortably under the roof or a pergola. Nestling among the mountains this farmhouse is laid out so that all the rooms face different directions.

As the Mallorcan craftsman of the time were no longer working with traditional materials, they set out to find their own features such as gutters from old brickworks and they relocated the window façade to face the sea. With great love and affection both architects gave a new lease of life to this small traditional farmhouse surrounded by fields and almond trees. Since then the farmhouse has developed into a villa that is known and loved by many. “We hope that all the pleasure we have derived from this place is passed on all its future occupants and visitors” says Sebastian Karig.

The success of the creation of Karig & Muntaner has been driving the market in theKarig_Munanter_AndratxVilla Puerto Andratx area for many years. Today, the finca style still remains alive and with strong demand in a modernized version, where new high-quality materials and facilities come into play. Nevertheless, the essence still remains as originally designed by these two gifted architects. The location of many finca style villas is extraordinary and unrepeatable, thus making them interesting investment properties, that once they have undergone a renovation, stand out in a shining new finish, but with the same attractive, timeless and authentic character the Sebastian Karig and Jordi Muntaner made famous.

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Sebastian Karig was born in Cologne in 1954 and spent the best part of his youth in South America where his father was involved in development aid. After doing his final school exams in Chile he went on to study architecture in the Technical Institute of Munich. Close links with the island of Mallorca were forged at a very young age, as his grandfather had already lived in Barcelona in the 1950s and his parents later built a house in Puerto Andratx. He himself came to Mallorca where he established an architect’s office in 1985.
Jordi Muntaner was born in Barcelona in 1956 and went to school in Mallorca. He did his final school exams at the Colegio San Francisco school and finally went on to study architecture and technical architecture at the Technical University of Barcelona. At the beginning of the 1980s he started work on the city plan for Palma de Mallorca until 1985 when he became self-employed and established an architect’s office.