Knokke – The Insider Tip in Belgium for your Dream House

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Your Property in Belgium looks as if it jumped straight out of a luxurious travel guide! Even the flowery, preppy piece of land with apartment looks like picture-perfect and creates a great competition for the neighboring territories. Knokke was your Real Estate Agent’s one of a kind insider tip. Now you can look forward to your new Home.


View of a street with aadjacent unique properties, acrossf rom a green park

Unique variety of beautiful homes, Knokke, Belgium


Sea, Beach and Relaxation – do not always have to be a luxury on the sunny Maldives, where you feel like a little adult island king on your air mattress in the sea. You don’t necessarily have to travel far to achieve the feeling of freedom and balance. Give Flanders in Belgium a try – welcome to the inconspicuous Paradise!


Knokke’s cool breeze around this time of year can truly be felt at times. Even at 17 DegreeS Celcius, it may feel a little cold – that’s why it’s suggested that you pack a windbreaker jacket or vest for this season. Here is where you will definitely feel nature and its various facets.


Forget Mallorca and Ibiza – it’s here in Knokke where you can build the life of your dreams. Its sea, its coast, its hiking trails, bike paths and its star cuisine will become your unique home.


As far as a little snack in between – just look around the coast! There’re numerous sea food restaurants to be found! If you’d like to become an expert in all things fish and other delicacies, Belgium is where you’ll get all the advice you need. Gather your courage after a good meal and sufficient tips, and ask the Chef to visit your table!


After a nice small talk about the flawless meal, he’ll definitely share some cooking tops with you: From prawns to Ardenne’s ham or rice cakes – here is where you can ask a lot of questions for your future creations without a guilty conscience.


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