“La Zagara”, Exhibition of rare plants in the Botanical Garden of Palermo

It is the year of new tropical fruit. Plants, that none of us has ever seen, are for the first time visible in Italy in an exhibition led by the gardener Fabio Maio. From Saturday 5th to Sunday the 6th April in the Botanical Garden of Palermo, the most attractive tropical garden in Europe, takes place the eighth edition of the exhibition of rare and unusual plants: “La Zagara” (from 9.00 to 19.00 clock, Admission: 3 €, Concessions: 2 €). The garden will be decorated for the first time in Italy with new tropical fruits from Central America. The organizing committee, led by the professors Francesco Maria Raimondo and Carmelo Sardegna, has organized this event with eighty exhibitors from all over Italy. “La Zagara” is one of the most popular exhibitions in Sicily and every year, both in spring and in autumn, counts thirty thousand visitors. The green invasion will occupy the oldest part of the most beautiful tropical garden in Europe.




Among the new tropical fruits: Muntingia calabura, Clausena lansium, Myrciaria grandifolia and ornamental plants, like Pseuderanthemum graciflorum, Heliconia latispatha distans, Augustum crinum queen emma, Erythrina falcata and Crotalaria retusa. The Company Foreste Demaniali and the nursery Lo Porto will bring this time more plants for the exhibition, Torre di Milazzo will bring the exotic fruits and the collections of orchids of Lake Maggiore will be presented again. In addition, geraniums, palm trees, conifers, camellias, jasmine, pomegranate, tillandsia, succulents, bamboo, water plants as well as the historic fruits of Francesco Genovese and the citrus Hortus Esperidis will complete the exhibition. It will also be offered traditional Sicilian products. The Rocher Foundation, thanks to ” La Zagara “, has donated 10,000 trees to the city of Palermo and various plants to the park Cassara of Palermo. This foundation has confirmed its presence together with Slow Food.

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