Living in Alcúdia on Mallorca

Whether you’re looking for a villa, a house or simply fantastic real estate – in Alcúdia you’re looking at a high quality of life above all. You want to be successful and still have a fulfilling family life? You also want your children growing up self-assured, playfully yet thoroughly prepared for their future? Then you should take a closer look at Alcúdia, because this city has more to offer than just homely fincas with sun terraces.

Sea view from a finca in Alcúdia

Finca with a sea view in Alcúdia

In Alcúdia, all residents consciously work towards the preservation of nature and a sustainable lifestyle. Such values are actively encouraged and passed on even to small children. This positive and deliberate attitude towards one’s own environment can be seen as early as in pre-school: The teachers in guardarias or escuelas infantil help the children in playfully learning how to read and write.

The school system has its finger on the pulse of the time when it comes to education: Many diverse educational institutions provide children with comprehensive basic knowledge and practical, everyday skills. Here, pupils are fostered and challenged according to their individual needs. Whether they’re learning Catalan grammar in the educacion primera or diving into Spanish history in a educacion secundaria obligatoria: here, every child gets an unparalleled chance.

Bit by bit, even you can become a discoverer and explorer together with your children. On a yacht trip you can breathe in the fresh ocean air and gaze at adventurous coves in the distance.

In your new villa in Alcúdia you’ll have almost everything – everything but stress. Here, you smoothly pass from work to leisure. Come evening time, your children can immediately try to apply their language skills at dinner, and you’ll be astonished at how many useful words they already know.

And if you still can’t believe how lucky you are: Sit down on your sun-bathed balcony, cross your legs, and just breathe in deep.

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