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Jobs_DohaThe Arab Emirate of Qatar on the east coast of the Arabian peninsula on the Persian Gulf is currently undergoing significant economic growth. The Emirate and its capital Doha are booming, with the prospect of the 2022 World Cup drawing ever closer. Whole new districts are being planned, and there are schemes in place for a subway network, a new airport and a bridge to the neighbouring country of Bahrain as well.

Careers in Qatar
There are plenty of job opportunities at the moment: the state has one of the highest incomes per capita in the world. Oil, gas, aviation, telecommunications and the hotel trade are some of the main industries. With many foreigners working in Qatar, English has established itself as the lingua franca in the business world.

Sunshine and sea
The Emirate has more to offer besides strong economic growth and excellent job prospects: the sun shines here almost every day of the year, whilst the proximity to the sea makes walks on the beach a popular pastime, especially in the late evening when the temperatures slowly drop. Europeans in particular enjoy the pleasant coolness of the winter months.

Singing desert dunes
There aren’t many sights to see in Qatar as the country is a desert state. But a trip to the Singing Sand Dunes is an absolute must for any new visitor. Often at the weekends there is more going on in the dunes than in the capital itself, as anyone can drive into the desert. Cars are used for almost all routes; there is hardly any public transport.

Welcome, Europeans!
Approximately 80% of residents in Qatar are foreign, with just 280,000 citizens of Qatari nationality. Europeans are very welcome in Qatar. It is nevertheless important to heed several things: temperatures in summer can often exceed 40 degrees so it is only really possible to spend time outdoors in the evenings. Women in particular should also pay attention to the more reserved fashion style here and avoid garments such as short skirts or strapless tops.

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