Llucmajor – a diverse city

Mallorca is well-known for exuberant parties, but as soon as you’ve purchased a property here, you’ll see this place from a whole different point of view. You have a certain responsibility for your new dream house, be it a finca or a villa.


Villas on the coast with sea view

Houses and villas on the roadside, coast of Llucmajor, Majorca


Of course you’re not just here to have a great time, but also to build a life. To this end, it’s a great advantage to get to know the peculiarities and rules of the island of Mallorca a little better.


One place you should definitely commit to memory is the Placa d’Espanya, as this is where you’ll find the city hall. By the way, city hall in Spanish is “ayuntamiento”. It’s a great place start from, especially for people who need some early orientation. You’d best come in person to take care of any issues you have. That way, you’ll not only improve your Spanish, but also prevent any misunderstandings.


You could, of course, also visit their website from the comfort of your home, but depending on the nature of your query, personal contact could be very useful.


In the end, you want your family to not only be set up well in your house, but also to have a fitting environment for you as a family. And here in Llucmajor, everyone will find something to bring that sparkle to their eyes and put a smile on their face.


There’s also the numerous and truly unique windmills. If you want have a small surprise for your children up your sleeve, this is the perfect opportunity. The windmills are among the most special sights on Mallorca – some windmills are well-preserved, others have been restored painstakingly in order to survive for as long as possible.


Your wife, like almost all shoe aficionados, will probably appreciate a great upcoming event: The shoe fair of Lloseta. After all, Llucmajor is most famous for its shoe and leather industry.


Another highlight you and your family will probably want to experience together: Relaxing and laying back on a blanket at the beach, eating some ice cream as if you had all the time in the world, and listening to sound of the sea.


You can find more information on our properties on offer in Llucmajor and environs here.