Lokcha tea house – devour delectable vegetarian dim sum with fine Chinese tea

3247035183_71c62947b6_zSituated in the midst of a bustling city, the concrete jungle of Hong Kong is a spot that is perennially serene and inviting, the LockCha teahouse. This charming teahouse occupies the ground floor of the K.S. Lo Gallery a pristine building located within the lush environs of Hong Kong Park.A landmark attraction located close to Hong Kong’s highest courts of law and  the popular and much-established  luxe shopping destination, Pacific Place in Admiralty, in the Mid-Levels Central area.

The teahouse, which is fashioned on the old world specialty teahouses of Guangzhou, is elegantly adorned and features simple wooden seating arrangements interspersed with elaborate, filigreed Chinese wooden screens. The teahouse perpetually exudes an air of calmness. It is hardly surprising then that it is a favorite with harried office workers from the neighborhood, who often seek refuge from their busy days in the leafy surroundings of Hong Kong Island’s green lung.

It’s not just the office crowd that flocks to this peaceful spot to relax the teahouse attracts anyone looking for a chance to take a breather while sampling tea and consuming tasty vegetarian delights. Yes, aside from its more than 100 offerings of unblended, pure, single-harvest teas sourced from tea plantations in China, LockCha teahouse is also famed for its delectable vegetarian dim sum menu. LockCha teahouse’s menu offerings change often for the restaurant’s dim sums are made with only the freshest, seasonal ingredients. The menu at Lockcha teahouse usually includes delicious dim sum preparations like vegetarian shumai, glutinous rice with mushroom, pan-fried preserved vegetable cakes, steamed rice flour rolls and even vegetarian deserts like sesame dumplings in jasmine tea and steamed red bean cakes. So if you follow a vegetarian diet, you will be delighted with the fare on offer at this delightful teahouse.

On arriving at the LockCha teahouse, you are seated at your table and soon offered the teahouse’s menu of teas and accompaniments. Once you have been served your chosen tea (in a typical covered Chinese teacup naturally), you are also given an insulated kettle filled with  hotwater for top ups asis the norm. This age old tradition somewhat ensures that diners linger over their meals at LockCha teahouse rather then eat and hurry back to their busy lives.

The LockCha teahouse was established in 2003, in the K.S.Lo Gallery wing of the Flagstaff House, an edifice that is home to the Museum of Tea Ware in Hong Kong.  MrIp Wing-Chi, a long time importer of tea from China into Hong Kong, is the founder of this renowned teahouse, a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Unlike other importers of tea in Hong Kong, MrIp Wing-Chi imports only, pure, single-harvest, unblended, estate tea from tea farmers in China. His company not only offers tea and tea wares for sale at the LockCha teahouse, the company also exports tea and tea wares to various countries around the globe. On offer at the LockCha teahouse, are all the main varieties of Chinese tea including green, white, red, yellow, black and re-processed tea along with tea paraphernalia specially made and produced for the LockCha teahouse in China.

The teahouse’s offerings hail from all the main tea producing regions of China like Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong and others. By personally sourcing tea directly from the tea growers, Mr. Ip Wing-chi also ensures that their interests are protected. However, the LockCha teahouse is not simply a spot for tea and devouring tasty morsels, in recent years the delightful eatery has grown to be a popular cultural institution in Hong Kong.  The teahouse regularly hosts tea-tasting programs in conjunction with the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Hong Kong Tea Wares Museum. If that’s not all, it also hosts Chinese music tea concerts on Sundays along with Cantonese music extravaganzas every Saturday evening. So if you would like to imbibe some Chinese culture during your stay in Hong Kong, the LockCha teahouse is perhaps the ideal place to start.

The LockCha teahouse is located in the highly desirable Mid-Levels Central neighborhood of Hong Kong. An area home to many splendid luxury buildingsand some of the finest five-star hotels in Hong Kong, like the Conrad Hong Kong, the J.W. Marriott, the Island Shangri-La and the immensely hip Upper House Hotel. Have you been considering acquiring a home within this very neighborhood? Then you would do well to partner with us for our office is located within proximity of the hidden gem that is the LockCha teahouse. Further, we usually have many listings for the Mid-Levels Central area on our books and our experienced and professional team of agents knows the area very well and can advise you accordingly.

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