Los Cabos – Window to the Pacific


Here, where the sapphire Pacific Ocean meets the azure-blue waters of the Gulf of California, where barren desert landscapes blend with mile-long dream beaches, a magnificently bold palace of a property reigns. Los Cabos: this glamorous hotspot on the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico tells a captivating tale of opulent resort chic and high-class living amidst a sublime natural landscape. GG spoke with Robert Sinclair and Brad Gwinn, the Californian architects of “Casa Fryzer”, about dream locations, emotional architecture and how everything began on a paper serviette …

Expansive outdoor terraces, softly illuminated in the evenings, are surrounded by palm trees and fragrant flora. The massive infinity pool, with an elevated edgeless Jacuzzi, affords an awe-inspiring view that blends into the sapphire sea. Large umbrellas are dotted around the terrace, poised to offer shelter from the intense Baja Californian sun. A giant flatscreen TV creates an exhilarating open-air cinema viewing experience. Yet another highlight: a small bridge connects the main terrace with a circular lounge island that seems to float in the middle of the pool. Everywhere one looks, the eye is spoilt with magnificent outlooks overlooking the azure-blue ocean.

Creative phases are a form of meditation. You need clarity to sound out the qualities that are good for the soul.” Robert Sinclair

INT-FS-MEXIKO-30-kopieren1“Casa Fryzer”, which all began with a single sketch on a paper serviette, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular properties in Villas del Mar within the exclusive master-planned community of Palmilla. Enjoying no less than 350 days of sunshine each year, the region is not only captivating in terms of its picturesque scenery – high mountain ranges, barren desert landscapes, white sandy beaches and the endless sapphire sea. Los Cabos is also a veritable epicentre for professional golf, a dream location for divers, surfers and avid fans of sport fishing, as well as a hotspot for glamorous nightlife. All of this makes Los Cabos one of the most desirable travel destinations in Mexico today. Magnificently perched atop a lofty mountain, this dream residence is filled with bespoke architectural details and a high level of comfort. This includes a wine cellar, a private gym and a stylishly finished home cinema with fine leather seating. Many of the decorative elements and choice of special materials have been modelled in the style of a hacienda or traditional Spanish country house. “The owner has a soft spot for curves and water,” confesses the native Californian architect. Together with his partner, the architect Brad Gwinn, he translated his client’s twin passions into the very first drawings and then presented them to his client on a simple paper napkin. “We came up with the original central idea for the property over the course of one single evening,” the client and architects both agree.

INT-FS-MEXIKO-04-kopieren1This property is all about the flowing transitions between the inside and the outside. The architects wanted air, water and the warmth of Mexico to be in constant circulation with another. Whilst the luxury villa offers glorious views of Los Cabos and far beyond, its planners were keen to create a seamless transition between the inner and outer living areas: the spectacular mountain backdrop not only becomes a key aspect of the outdoor scenery, but shady courtyards and sun terraces also blend into one. Likewise, the edgeless infinity pool seems to flow straight into the azure-blue sea. Even the transitions between interiors and the spacious grounds are seamless. Glass doors as well as frameless design constructions help to emphasise this beautiful fluidity and sense of continuity, merging all boundaries. “Architecture is more than a positive material form. It can take your breath away, increase your heartbeat or calm your nerves,” Sinclair believes. Both architects were extremely keen to create spaces in this home that move people and touch their souls, spaces that awaken emotions or stimulate feelings: serenity, tranquillity, warmth or joy. Their architecture is also about a balance between light and darkness, two qualities that they regard as their most fundamental tools. The residence’s spectacular interior design exudes a nostalgic, almost intoxicating atmosphere in the style of old Hollywood glamour – yet is simultaneously a blend of art deco, Asian motifs and a splash of Euro chic. The decorative, star-shaped coffered ceiling in the living room with a cascading chandelier, the intricately patterned marble floor, the high-gloss wooden dining table or the illuminated vaulted ceiling in the dining room – the harmonious variety of different elements creates a truly inimitable living environment. A further highlight is the bar. With its marble counter, luxurious leather stools and mirrored wall elements reflecting rows of cocktail glasses, the bar resembles a trendy nightclub. Naturally, the in-house bartender is always at your service.

Viva Los Cabos

INT-FS-MEXIKO-11-kopieren1Where the Pacific Ocean meets the Gulf of California, and the days are as lively as the nights, an idyllic paradise is infused with a distinctively glamorous Mexican vibe: Los Cabos! This southernmost tip of Baja Caifornia in Mexico hosts the two towns of Cabo San Lucas, vibrant and fun-loving, and San José del Cabo, more tranquil and traditional. Connecting the two is a 33-kilometre-long stretch of coast, the so-called “Corridor”, with its string of luxury hotels and golf courses, offering endless scope for relaxation and leisure.

NATURE A sublime natural setting amidst mountains, sea and desert. An absolute must-see: the landmark of Los Cabos – El Arco, also referred to as Land’s End – is a truly impressive rock formation that resembles a drinking dragon when seen from the side. For adventurers: hikes through the canyons and desert trips are particularly magnificent. For nature lovers: mangrove forests and the freshwater lagoon of San José del Cabo, a wetland habitat for countless species of exotic birds.

WATER Jacques Cousteau once called the Gulf of California the “aquarium of the world”. This fascinating underwater world, so rich in biodiversity, is a paradise for every passionate diver. But Los Cabos also offers the perfect conditions for countless water sports like snorkelling, surfing, sport fishing, waterskiing, jetskiing and many more.

NIGHTLIFE The bustling town of Cabo San Lucas is particularly well known for its exhilarating nightlife. There is an endless choice of bars, cafés, restaurants and nightclubs on offer, guaranteeing exquisite evenings out. It makes the perfect setting in which to savour both the best of international gastronomy and fine Mexican cuisine.

(Text: Melanie Klusmeier Photos: Craig Broughton and Rigoberto Moreno)