Are you in love with your house?

Are you in love with your house?Everyone knows there’s no place like home, but that attachment might be even stronger than you realised. Psychologically, we invest a huge amount in the properties we live in, using them to store not just our treasured possessions, but also our equally valuable memories. Some people are lucky enough to find love at first sight, falling instantly for a dream home that they’ll treasure for years, while other people find their affection for their home grows over time as they make it their own. If you’re wondering whether you’ve found the one, here’s how to tell if you’re truly head over heels.

You daydream about being at home

However much you might enjoy your job, if you regularly catch yourself daydreaming about being back at home then that’s one sign that this might be the real deal. Whether you’re picturing watching films in your living room, sitting out in the garden or even giving the kitchen a great clean, your home has a constant presence as your mental happy place. In extreme cases, you might even find yourself persuading friends to come to you instead of going to them, just to let them admire your home as much as you do – and you’ll know you’re besotted when you can’t sleep properly anywhere else but your own bedroom.

Your home is better presented than you are

If you find yourself prioritising the needs of your house over your own, love is definitely in the air. Planning your weekends around home-improvement projects like reorganising your kitchen, repainting your garage door and cleaning the gutter rather than lunch dates and television programmes is a classic symptom. Even when you do decide to take a trip to the shops, you inevitably find yourself straying from ‘fashion’ over to ‘interiors’, unable to resist picking up the perfect ‘finishing touch’ for your lounge. Don’t feel too guilty next time you splash out or spend a weekend surrounded by toolkits, though – studies have suggested that home maintenance and gardening projects are actually good for your physical and mental well-being.

You know it’s what’s inside that counts

Your home’s spotless exterior might’ve been the first thing that drew you towards it, but the lived-in interior has become your pride and joy. It doesn’t matter if the improvements you’ve made are major or minor, or even whether they took you months or hours: they make you happy whenever you see them. Just like any star-crossed lovers, you know the object of your affection isn’t perfect, but that’s okay. It doesn’t matter if the windows rattle in the wind, the floors creak or there’s a tiny crack in that front wall – it’s yours and you love it, no matter what.

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