A luxurious villa in Llucmajor

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Properties with an amazing location are always popular here – especially fincas and villas on Mallorca Island. Yet, you’re lucky to have found a house in Llucmajor.


Villa at the end of an amazing garden in Llucmajor with palms and pool

Romantic villa with a dream of a backyard, Llucmajor, Mallorca


Since you’re returned home from Mallorca, you’ve been raving about Llucmajor to your family and friends. You’ve recently acquired a chic finca there, that’s your pride and joy. Soon you’ll be fully moving there and only rarely get to see those that remained at home. Yet today is when you want to convince your friends to visit you in your new house in Mallorca. Not only, because you own a luxurious villa there, but also for the fabulous surroundings.


You’ve thought of something special just for this occasion: At home, at your current location, you’ve prepared a small slide show with the most impressive photos of Llucmajor. Mos tof your friends are already sitting in anticipation for the slides to start. It’s on now!


At first, photos of laid back party guests are crossing the screen – your guests are excited for more! Suddenly, photos of gigantic orange trees and fields appear along with pictures of winding alleys, where one or the other painter skillfully sketches the surroundings. Your guests are watching with their mouths open, as they see the the Luc monastary in Randa and all the other captured impressions.


At the end of the presentation, they see you: It’s you jumping up joyfully with plenty of sunscreen on your face – your guests can practically hear the joy in your voice! In the background, they can see your unique Finca. You’ve convinced your friends! Llucmajor is different than the other places in Mallorca. In the future you will always have many guests.


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