Luxury Mansion with a feelgood factor in Pollensa

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You’ve always had an eye for the Properties on Mallorca Island. Now, after some thorough research, tons of courage and enthusiasm, you’ve finally decided to buy a house in Pollensa.

After many tours and a few interesting estates, you’ve found the villa of your dreams.


Front view of a typical Mallorcan Finca in Pollensa

Gorgeous Finca, Pollensa, Mallorca


It’s the weekend and you’re relaxing at the terrace of your mansion in Pollensa. As every morning, you are eating fresh vegetables from the supermarket around the corner, and are simply enjoying having no work responsibilities for once. Saturday is your personal day to unwind, a day when you can do whatever you want. Part of that includes to just take in and enjoy the beauty of your new home in Pollensa over and over again.


A cup of coffee in your right hand, a newspaper in your left hand, let the sun hit your face. Truly, you’d love spending every day at home with your friends, and possibly throwing a spontaneous party in the evening. But first, you need a little time for yourself.


You don’t just want to sit in the sun, but also want to be active. You decide that it could be a good idea to take a tour to the Santo Domingo Monastary.


Said and done! You awoke your spirit of discovery! You quickly grab for sunglasses and sunspray, and head out towards the monastary. The Santo Domingo monastary is a previous Dominican church and is easy to reach by foot. You’re going to witness an almost forgotten, yet present era. Let your imagination run free and be inspired by a different time.


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