Luxury Real Estate in Santa Eulalia

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Santa Eulalia has a lot to offer: The chic houses and villas are not the only gorgeous properties here:

You’ll also stumble upon a number of nice fincas at least a few times.


View of a modern villa in Santa Eulalia surrounded by nature with a pool in a minimalist design.

Uniquely designed villa in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza


The third largest city on Ibiza Island – Santa Eulalia – will be full of beautiful surprises for you. You, out of all the people, have a reason to be excited: Not only because you can stroll along the beach promenade on any given day, or because you’ve booked a catamaran trip in the marina of Ibiza.


You will soon be taking regular walks along the beach promenade of Santa Eulalia and might almost get used to the amazing view of the sea.


All these activities may sound like an exciting way to spend time, yet Ibiza is where you’ll soon be living! Your new property is located in Santa Eulalia, the house of your dreams has finally found its perfect location!


Your house is perfect for you, the surroundings still fill you with joy despite all habit. If you’d like to take a trip some time, that’s as suitable for kids as it is for adults, just check out Acrobosc Ibiza!


In this high rope course everyone is invited to sniff a little mountain air under the sun of Ibiza. There are three different routes: the blue climbing route, the green and the red path. Depending on how tall you are and how daring you consider yourself to be, you have the choice. The special thing about this park is that even four-year-olds can show off their climbing skills here!


If you’re afraid of heights or fear that you may not be secured well enough by the carbines, just take a moment to check out the kids while they are climbing. Since the starting age here is so low, security must be guaranteed in any case to avoid any chances of a fall. Are you curious yet? Hurry up! The park is open until the end of October!

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