Mallorcan summer and dessert recipes

Spain is known for its great food and Mallorca is also known for some amazing recipes and desserts that are very tasteful especially this time of the year.


1. Tumbet

Tumbet is a traditional vegetarian side dish is from the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a mix of eggplants, potatoes, zucchini, garlic and tomato sauce and can accompany grilled or roast beef, lamb, pork or fish. For a light dinner or brunch, serve it with fried eggs.


2. Frito Mallorquín

Frito Mallorquín is a dish that includes fried offal, chiefly liver, plus peppers, potatoes and garlic. Other frito ingredients can include pork, chicken or seafood. The traditional pot for cooking stews etc on Mallorca is referred to as a greixonera.


3. Ensalada de Trampó

For the hot summer days, a salad is the best option to enjoy as a meal, and which salad could be fresher than Majorca’s own “Trampó. ” A salad of chopped tomatoes, onion and peppers dressed with olive oil.


4. Coca de trampó

The flatbread dish, in most respects identical to a pizza, is the vessel for a variety of toppings and courses. A coca with greens combines bread and salad portions, a coca with chorizo and onions can be a main course and a coca with honey is a simple dessert. Trampó is a simple vegetable salad of ripe tomatoes, green peppers and white or yellow onion.  


5.Pa amb oli

Pa amb oli means “bread with olive oil” in Majorcan, and it is as commonly eaten in the Balearic Islands especially during summer time. The Majorcan usually add the tomato to their bread and then the olive oil. As with pa amb oli, this recipe can be embellished with a topping of jamón serrano, anchovies, or cheese. In Mallorca it is traditionally served with almond ice cream.


6. Gató de Almendras with almond ice cream

This particular Mallorcan cake cuisine originated in the 18th century, the Mallorcan people have been growing and cooking with almonds for many centuries. In fact, almonds from Mallorca enjoy a good reputation for being of high quality, and there are over one hundred types of almonds from the island.


7. Ensaimada

The ensaimada is the traditional sweet bread of the island of Mallorca and is a real treat. It is shaped in the form of a coil and sprinkled with a heavy coat of powdered sugar. Ensaimadas are enjoyed as a breakfast dunked in hot coffee, or as an afternoon snack, or dessert. They aren’t difficult to make, but require a bit of patience, since the dough must rise several times. The ensaimadas can be filled with cream, “cabello de angel”, sobrassada, sweet cream, chocolate, covered with apricot.

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