The tradition of Sicilian confectionery production: the marzipan

DSC_0409The “Frutta di Martorana”, better known as “Marzipan”, one of the oldest and best-known product of the traditional Sicilian pastry craft.
The marzipan is made ​​with natural ingredients and carefully selected.

As tradition dictates, the almonds, a fundamental component of this product, is crushed with sugar in a mortar. This mixture is brought by the experienced pastry cook into the desired shape and then painted and decorated by hand.
Each fruit and each item is still made ​​manually.

Where do you find these delicacies? The company Etnadolce produces Sicilian confectionery since 1987 in a small village on the slopes of Mount Etna, which offers a picturesque scenery and inspires the creativity of the confectioner.

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