Mechelen and your new house

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You and your real estate agent don’t just have a knack for magnificent properties but also for surroundings worth living in: Belgium is perfect as a new home for you. There are so many properties, flats, and villas that might suit you, because Mechelen is exactly as you like it. So you’ll really have to work a little if you want to come to a decision on a new house in Mechelen.

View on a historic cottage surrounded by nature in Mechelen

Cottage surrounded by nature, Mechelen, Belgium

If you live in Mechelen, you won’t be able to miss the Brussels Gate (Bruusespoort). This city gate from the 13th century impressively documents the history and stories this city has to tell. Its monumental size shows tangibly how far advanced conceptual and organisational thinking had already come even in the Middle Ages.


Another historic sight worth seeing is the St. Rumbold’s Cathedral at the Grote Markt. The cathedral is roughly 97 meters high and and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mechelen is, as you might already have heard, well-known for its delicious asparagus. The season lasts from April to the end of Jun, at which point you’ll sadly have to look for other specialities to delight your taste buds. The secret tip for that is: Simply try it. Just pick a few restaurants at random and look forward to some culinary surprises. Because if there’s one thing that’s always guaranteed to be good, it’s the food.


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