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The first priority for a good, professional Captain is the safety of his guests and of his vessel; therefore, when you step on board, it is usual that he gives you a briefs you on the do’s and don’ts. Just think about the yacht as a luxury guesthouse where the crew are the host/home owners, and you are there simply to be served and enjoy yourselves. -

Here are a few examples (they will vary depending on yacht type —sail or power— – size, equipment and Captain)

• Usually, Captains do not allow guests to wear any shoes while on board. Shoes can damage teak decks or leave skid marks.
• Zero tolerance on drugs and guns. A Captain has the right to terminate the cruise on the spot if you violate this rule.
• No smoking in cabins.
• Follow instructions on head/bathroom operation. Marine gear does not operate like at home!
• Try to save water, even if the boat is equipped with a water-maker. I.e., do not leave tap water flow while brushing your teeth! For the same reason, ladies washing long thick hair are Captains’ nightmare, especially if the boat does not have a water-maker. So simply be considerate and save.
• All crewed yachts have a power inverter, so you can plug any electrical device like at home. However, before plugging your big 1500-watt hairdryer, ask the Captain about any power usage precaution.
• Strictly follow the yacht’s safety rules if you sail at night and you decide to – wander on deck or participate in the night watch cycles.
• Do not use the galley (kitchen) equipment/stove yourself unless you are specifically invited to do so: Chefs/cooks absolutely despise that. Similarly, do not help yourself with food and drinks in the fridge unless the chef/hostess has set up an area where such are available at will.

Always remember and respect what the Captain explains to you, and do not dismiss it as mere hair-splitting annoyances. Those are simple, common sense rules that combine your safety, your comfort and allow the crew to do their work to your entire satisfaction. Very often, I have heard crew complain that an hour after the briefing, all instructions are out the window and guests are acting as if they had heard –nothing at all! The Captain and crew go out of their way to explain to the guests to ensure safety and enjoyment. So the next time you decide to charter, think about listening and simply lying back to enjoy yourself, the rest is in our good hands.