More than 200 applicants attend the Recruiting Day in Madrid

Recruiting Day Madrid_Teilnehmer“1,000 CVs and more than 200 enthusiastic applicants who personally came along to our large Recruiting Day – that is the impressive outcome to our current HR campaign,” reports Paloma Perez, Managing Director of the new E&V shop in Madrid, which will open in September.

The recruitment process has already begun: a total of 289 potential sales advisors had signed up for the so-called Recruiting Day, which took place at the “Circulo des bellas artes de Madrid” cultural centre on 4 June. Christian Völkers, CEO of Engel & Völkers AG, and Member of the Board Christian Evers were also at the event and spoke after the presentation to interested candidates.

Recruiting Day Madrid

Christian Völkers (right), CEO of Engel & Völkers AG, Paloma Perez (2.f.r.), Managing Director of the new shop, David Scheffler, Director Regional Office, and Silke Dittrich, Marketing Director International, welcomed more than 200 applicants at the large Recruiting Day



To reach out to as many potential candidates as possible

The MMC had publicised the fact that E&V in Madrid was looking to hire 200 sales advisors via print and online ads, Social Media channels and press releases. Potential candidates could register for the Recruiting Day via the E&V website. Participants had to submit their curriculum vitae as part of the registration. “The aim of the event was to reach out to as many potential candidates as possible within a short space of time. We achieved this goal with flying colours,” said Paloma Perez, summing up the event. After the presentation, participants had the opportunity to ask questions on a one-to-one basis and get to know the company a little better.

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