A new finca on Ibiza Island, a new life

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A new villa is like a new life – Maybe this sounds a bit exaggerated for you. However this positive attitude is much more than a hollow phrase – convince yourself and start a new and different life with your new home on Ibiza Island!


Outside terrace of a Finca on Ibiza, surrounded by palmtrees and bright blue skies

Delightful finca in a prime location, Ibiza


Ibiza is now your new home! Just as you arrived at your new Property, you’ll realize: Folks from all over the world travel here to get to know the country and its locals!


Even while at the airport, you will be able to pick up pieces of different languages like French, Italian or Russian! With your solid knowledge of the Spanish language, it’s fairly easy for you to understand the native speakers and becoming part of this high-spirited population! At the beginning, it may seem that the locals are speaking too fast, however this impression will soon vanish.


Let the masses of people guide you from the airport to your car – here on Ibiza Island everything works out by itself: Before you know it, you are at the beach and the cocktail in your hand tastes fruity and fresh.


You’ll usually find a very pleasant climate on the third largest of the Balearic islands. This is where, If time permits, you can simply absorb the smell of salt, sun screen lotion and fruit cocktails by the sea.


Even after a long day at work, you won’t have to turn to clubs such as Amnesia and Space to get away from every day life. Before you return to your villa, just get out of work and visit the sea and soak in the many impressions of the summer sun. You clearly deserved to have this luxury!


People on this Island just beam with enthusiasm – now you’ll probably understand the positive attitude of the Ibiza locals – the ease and cheerfulness with which they walk through the day is phenomenal and contagious.


Next time you speak to your friends via Skype, they’ll notice the change in your mood right away: You’re much more relaxed and casual. Most of your acquantances will assume that the reason for this positive change is the purchase of your wonderful Finca – however, they’re wrong!


The reason for your happiness is much more than your Property – it’s moreso the surroundings, that have had a lasting positive impact on you. This is where you’ll be happy, automatically! Just try it!


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