A new home in which to feel at home in Bruges

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You’ve given up your old apartment and are starting completely anew. Your real estate agent has done an excellent job and found a perfect piece of real estate, an idyllic property in Belgium. Finding beautiful properties was not a challenge for your agent, but for you just any house with a great property simply won’t do: It has to be the villa that fulfils all your wishes.


Historic property built in the 17th century in the Neo-Gothic style and restored in Bruges.

Restored historic 17th century property, Bruges, Belgium


Here in Bruges, reality and mysticism mingle to create an amazing atmosphere: If you’re not afraid to be fascinated by biblical stories and mysterious legends, you simply have to visit the Bruges Chapel. This chapel is more than just a chapel, it unites history and reality to form an integral part of the mysticism here: Within the so-called Basilica of the Holy Blood (Heilig Bloedbasiliek) there is a glass phial said to contain the blood of Jesus Christ.


You’re probably asking yourself which saint carried this relic to Bruges. Around 1149, Thierry of Alsace brought the Precious Blood with him when he returned from the Second Crusade.


Every Friday the relic is displayed with its phial, a round container made of glass. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to witness this event! You don’t have to be a devout churchgoer to participate. There are many residents that are just here to satisfy their curiosity, as well.


You will be amazed at the magical and enchanting effect this chapel will have on you, especially after you’ve witnessed this event. If you need some fresh air after so much mystical atmosphere and the smell of burning incense, embark on a boat tour! Bruges is not called the “Venice of the North” for nothing. Kick back and relax after this eventful morning on your small boat, marvelling at sights big and small throughout the picturesque Bruges.


Is your stomach clamouring for attention during the boat tour? Then don’t hesitate to get out the famous and delicious Belgian chocolates from your linen backpack. Really savour these delicacies, because here, the pleasure of the moment is the only thing that counts.


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