New houses and villas for sale on Tenerife

Your are searching for an exclusive and modern house or villa for sale on Tenerife? Here, we show you some interesting offers!

1. Detached House for the whole family in Valle San Lorenzo

Constructed area: approx. 374 m²
Plot: approx. 300 m²
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Views: View over the south costa and the beautiful countryside
E&V ID: W-01XW9R

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2. Villa in tropical and modern style in Playa de la Arena

Constructed area: approx. 394 m²
Plot: approx. 470 m²
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Views: Sea and Mountain view
E&V ID: W-01U9IT

Verkauf,Immobilienmakler,Teneriffa,Tenerife,Venta,Sale,Real Estate Agency,InmobiliariaTenerife,Teneriffa,Real Estate Agency,Immobilienmakler,Inmobiliaria,Sale,Verkauf,VentaVerkauf,Venta,Sale,Teneriffa,Tenerife,Immobilienmakler,Inmobiliaria,Real Estate Agency








3. Villa with stunning views in prime location of San Eugenio Alto

Constructed area: approx. 960 m²
Plot: approx. 656 m²
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 5
Views: Sea and Mountain view

Verkauf,Sale,Venta,Immobilienmakler,Teneriffa,Tenerife,Inmobiliaria,Real Estate AgencyVerkauf,Venta,Sale,Immobilienmakler,Real Estate Agency,Inmobiliaria,Tenerife,TeneriffaVerkauf,Sale,Venta,Inmobiliaria,Immobilienmakler,Real Estate Agency,Tenerife,Teneriffa








4. Luxury villa to relax in Roque del Conde

Constructed area: approx. 714 m²
Plot: approx. 589 m²
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 6
Views: Sea and Mountain view
E&V ID: W-01YH0F

Verkauf,Sale,Venta,Inmobiliaria,Immobilienmakler,Real Estate Agency,Tenerife,TeneriffaImmobilienmakler,Inmobiliaria,Real Estate Agency,Tenerife,Teneriffa,Verkauf,Venta,SaleImmobilienmakler,Inmobiliaria,Real Estate Agency,Teneriffa,Tenerife,Verkauf,Venta,Sale








5. Beautiful luxury villa with spectacular views

Constructed area: approx. 890 m²
Plot: approx. 606 m²
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Views: Sea and Mountain views

Verkauf,Sale,Venta,Inmobiliaria,Immobilienmakler,Real Estate Agency,Tenerife,TeneriffaImmobilienmakler,Inmobiliaria,Real Estate Agency,Tenerife,Teneriffa,Verkauf,Venta,SaleVerkauf,Venta,Sale,Tenerife,Teneriffa,Inmobiliaria,Immobilienmakler,Real Estate Agency








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