8-Building: Time to invest – Portugal

For the unique location of 8 Building and its picturesque surrounding, have a look at this video: 8 Building – Lisbon


Market-cooling policies in place in Hong Kong since October 2012 have slowed the Hong Kong market nearly to a standstill, forcing investors to increasingly look overseas for investment opportunities. While the UK, the U.S. and Australia are commonly sought after, pushing property prices even higher in those markets, the recovering market of Portugal has recently implemented an immigration policy that should cause investors to take a closer look. In our view, the policy is a hidden gem.

Called the “golden visa,” the policy allows non-EU nationals to gain permanent residency in Portugal and visa-free travel in the EU through property investment of 500,000 euros, one of the lowest asset barriers in the world that offer residency benefits. Already, the legislation has brought into Portugal over 90 million euros worth of investment with over half streaming from China, and it’s not surprising why. The property yields, at 6% to 7%, offer higher returns in comparison to many overseas luxury markets. Portugal’s property prices have hit bottom and are expected to begin to rise over the short- to medium-term. The lifestyle, set amid historic capitals and beautiful beaches under year-round sunshine, is one of relaxation and luxury. And the procedure and requirements for application are simple. Let us explain.

Buyers can invest in residential or commercial property, as long as the minimum investment is at least 500,000 Euros. Minimum stay is seven days per year. Compared with places like the UK that require 180 days per year, the minimum stay is very short – the length of a short vacation to sunbathe on white, sandy beaches. After five years, investors can apply for permanent residency, and after six, full citizenship. The application process takes a brief two to three months to complete, after which investors will begin to reap the benefits of the legislation, such as visa-free travel throughout the EU.

We work closely with our four local offices in Portugal to find valuable projects for our clients here in Asia. We’ve partnered with award-winning developers in Lisbon, the capital and heart of Portugal, and along Portugal’s pristine Silver Coast – two areas that ensure high demand. Our attention to location, reputation, property management and potential for capital appreciation is our service model, and one that helps our clients achieve their investment goals.    

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我們在葡萄牙當地設有四家辦公室,為亞洲的客戶搜羅最有價值﹑最合適的房地產投資項目。我們跟葡萄牙的發展商有緊密的合作,他們屢獲殊榮,並主力發展首都里斯本和銀海岸的物業 (兩個獲最高需求的城市)。物業位置﹑信譽﹑管理和增值潛力,我們都不會錯過,幫助您實現投資目標。查詢熱線:+852 3997-3558 或發送電郵到midlevelswest@engelvoelkers.com





我们在葡萄牙当地设有四家办公室,为亚洲的客户搜罗最有价值﹑最合适的房地产投资项目。我们跟葡萄牙的发展商有紧密的合作,他们屡获殊荣,并主力发展首都里斯本和银海岸的物业(两个获最高需求的城市)。物业位置﹑信誉﹑管理和增值潜力,我们都不会错过,帮助您实现投资目标。查询热线:+852 3997-3558 或发送电邮到midlevelswest@engelvoelkers.com