A new property – a new life in Pollensa

You can find our real estate portfolio for Pollensa and environs here.


You want to leave your old life behind and start completely anew? With a new villa and preferably in new surroundings? Then you should take a closer look at Pollensa on Mallorca. This is where your next house could be, and where your personal fresh start can begin.


Villa in Pollensa, in a calm environment, the sun shining above

Sun-kissed villa, Pollensa, Mallorca


To give you a realistic impression of life in the picturesque Pollensa, Chloé agreed to share a few small things about her life in Pollensa.


“Most people only think of Palma when they hear the name Mallorca. But if you reduce everything here only to lazing about and partying hard, you’re grossly underestimating the beauty of this island is being. The good thing about Pollensa is that there are very few tourists around Nothing is more beautiful than living in the tranquil and scenic Pollensa.

I’ve been living here in my villa for half a year now, and it seems to me like I only moved here yesterday: The curious anticipation of what will await me and the excitement for what will fascinate me each and every day, are still with me – every day I’m glad that I now live here in Pollensa and can live my life according to my own rules.


I met my first new friends here on a bicycle tour from the Port de Pollensa to Alcúdia. My bike had a flat tyre and I was pretty nervous because I could not for the life of me remember the Spanish word for “patch kit”. But in the end we were able to understand each other somehow.


We’re constantly in contact and help each other with small problems: Whenever my bicycle has a flat again, I call Angelo, and he’s happy to help. Of course I’m also there for my new friends: They don’t have a car, and whenever they’ve got a business trip that takes the off the island, I gladly lend them my car so that they can be at the airport in forty-five minutes.


We often head towards the beach, enjoy the sun, and have a good laugh at the fact that my skin is still almost white compared to the Spaniards’ skin. That’s what fascinates me so much about Spain: As a foreigner, you’ll immediately stick out because of your complexion, but that’s not negative at all. On the contrary: I often get compliments because of my fair skin. I haven’t regretted my move even for a single day.”


You can find our real estate portfolio for Pollensa and environs here.