New watchtowers equipped with the latest technologies in Castelldefels Beach


Although they are full of people from several days ago, June 7th starts officially, the bathing season!  This year, the beaches of Castelldefels debuts new watchtowers that incorporate latest technologies. They incorporate the latest Wi-Fi technology and are permanently connected with the local police. They also have a system with which bathers can alert the police in an emergency when there is no lifeguard service.


In Castelldefels Beach there are 3 of these surveillance towers, which will be operational from June 7th until the end of September, which is the official bathing season.


New towers allow to inform and assist users of the beach as well as to monitor the safety of bathers.


The towers have an intercom, a SOS intercom system, connected to the local police that after hours of lifeguard service, allow swimmers to contact security services. Outfitted with wireless public address system AirVoice system, this is a set of speakers of broadcasting that allows playback of voice messages and pre-recorded messages in different languages.


New towers are also a wifi Beach point, since they offer free internet connection covering a wide area of the coast.


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