Now Kitesurf in Castelldefels Beach also in Summer

Kite_castelldefels_1During the summer, from June 1 st till September 30th, Kitesurf  is prohibited throughout the Catalan coast (The purpose of all these measures are put ahead of the safety of all swimmers) but this hurts kite surf lovers , who are forced to keep their equipment until the summer ends, or surf elsewhere.


Now Castelldefels Beach has launched the first and only regulated kitesurfing spot on the Barcelona coast area. By creating a specific spot for Kitesurfers, signposted, conditioned and regulated area which allows the practice of a controlled and safe manner, becoming the single point of the coast where you can practice this sport in summer and therefore the a benchmark for kitesurf lovers.


  On the seafront (paseo Maritimo) between Calle 9 and Calle 9bis,a Kitesurfing management office area has been established, which allows practitioners of the sport process the necessary license, they must have insurance and are provided with a  identifying vest in order to be controlled at all times to all practitioners. The area is enabled afternoons weekdays from 4 p.m. and provided that the force of the wind is constant at 15 knots (12 race mode), this area becomes a single point in all the coast where you can practice this sport in summer and therefore the benchmark of Catalan Kitesurf this summer.

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