One day at Manhattan Head Office

One day at Manhattan Head OfficeIn my last blog today, I want to give you a brief impression of one day in our head office as well as some lunch recommendations. If you are in the Engel & Völkers network and you happen to be in Manhattan, I highly recommend you paying a visit to our head office on 430 Park Avenue! Situated on the 11th floor of the Boston Consoulting Group Building and it is all brand new.

You will feel the team spirit as soon as you open the door and hear the conversation flowing from the collaborative work environment. You may also get a chance to hear the “10:10” meeting which occurs every morning at that time. It provides a brief opportunity for each member of the team to share his or her priorities for the day.

Around noon, people become hungry and decisions have to be made about where to fetch lunch from. Our three favorite places to eat were not far away from 430 Park Avenue.

One day at Manhattan Head Office

  •  ‘Choptsalad’ is a ‘chop’t creative Salad Company’. Already the way of preparing the salad was fascinating, at least for me. You can choose between traditional salads or your customized Salad. After running through three stations, the salad is ready to be taken away. First you chose the ingredients, second everything is chopped and finally you chose the dressing and bread. The only bad thing about that place is that you usually have to queue for ages at lunch time
  •  ‘Cosi’ is great for getting some sandwiches or salad – I really can recommend the ‘Shanghai Chicken Salad’, the ‘Chicken Caesar Salad’ and their homemade flatbread, which comes with the salad
  •  One other lunch choice was the ‘Oriental Food Cart’. Food carts appear at lunch time in the streets of huge cities and disappear afterwards. There are different types of food carts, for example Greek, Oriental or Mexican Food. We usually chose Oriental vegetables, rice and either meat or falafel


After fetching some food, typically everyone meets in the lounge and we have lunch together.

In the Afternoon we have different meetings and work on our everyday tasks. About 6pm everyone looks back on a productive day and from time to time, we go out to a nice bar around the corner afterwards. Over there we reflect on the work done and enjoy a night out after work with the team.

Closing this article, I want to say thank you to everyone who followed my blog and I hope you enjoyed the insights into my “Manhattan experience”!

All the best,

Annika Osche


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