Paseo Maritimo – the location for your Property!

Here is where you can access our Real Estate Properties at the Paseo Maritimo and surroundings.


Villas, fincas – here on Mallorca, you can’t get enough of the fancy Properties. You’ve chosen a very special house in an amazing area.


View of a villa with pool directly at Paseo Maritimo

Villa in a one of a kind location, Paseo Maritimo, Mallorca


The house is now just any new Property, that you just bought for no reason. It’s much more than that. It’s your new home. You will decorate it exactly in a way that matches the concept of your life.


You can definitely pursue your hobbies at the Paseo Maritimo: Sailing, letting the fresh breeze carress your face and feeling the freedom. The close connection to the Club Nautico at Paseo Maritimo was a decisive factor for the purchase of your house exactly here on Mallorca. Finally, you want a hobby to pursue in your spare time.


Look forward to many beautiful days and a new beginning at Paseo Maritimo!


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