A perfect life in Keerbergen

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Your real estate agent has showed you many Properties in Belgium. Ultimately you’ve chosen a nice villa with a piece of land in Keerbergen. Among all the properties, the spot you’ve chosen is the most elegant one.


View of a villa with a thatched roof surrounded by a beautiful garden with trees in Keerbergen

Unique villa in the green with a thatched roof, Keerbergen, Belgium


Here in Keerbergen is where you start a new life with your family and your children. The nice house in Keerbergen signifies a great new beginning for you. The large plot of land is great for your kids, who can invite their friends over every day to play soccer!


Your chilren’s happiness is very important to you – that’s why you’ve moved to a new Property in Belgium. The surroundings must be just perfect for the future growth of your children. Even the personal development must be guaranteed for them: At the moment, besides studying English, they are also learning how to speak French to eliminate any languge barriers in the future.


You especially appreciate the Belgian educational system. Right now, your children are still in Pre-K, that can be attended starting at the age of 3. Between the ages of five and six, your children will be starting school.


The school system here is divided among the different communities in Belgium: There’re schools that refer to the French community, the Belgian community, the Flemish Community and the German society.


Depending on the community, your children can emphasize different aspects: technical, social or linguistic ones. Generally there is a basic compulsory education up to the age of 18. This may also include schooling at a vocational school.


With the extensive territory and the great house in Keerbergen, you have already laid the foundation. Now your child may choose their own room in one of the many apartments! And who knows, maybe they can even get a study room later!


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