A perfect property for settling down in Deià

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Sometimes, you really need something very exceptional – not just a modest house that puts a smile on your face, but a luxurious villa in Deià.

Sun terrace of a villa in Deià with a deck chair and ocean view

Villa with ocean view, Deià, Mallorca

Antonia and Maria, both good friends, have bought a fancy house here, together. The two of them don’t know yet what they want to do for today. It’s a warm day in July, and they decide to head to the nearby beach. Gathering everything doesn’t take much time: Maria puts the towels and sunscreen in a new linen backpack she bought recently on an artisans’ market on Mallorca.


But before they can start picking out a good spot on the beach, Antonia wants to buy an entrevista (newspaper). She always gets the daily newspaper from the supermarket, to stay up-to-date and practice her Spanish.


She happens to overhear a conversation at the store’s checkout: It’s about the Festival de Deià, which takes place every year in July and August. This celebration not only stands out as an enjoyable listening experience, but excels with international artists from all over the world: Poland, the Netherlands, the USA – and the list goes on and on. Saxophone, piano, the violin – almost any instrument can be found here, enchanting the visitors. This year the festival will even extend into September as a special service for all the music enthusiasts.


After Antonia has paid for her newspaper, she runs excitedly back to their spot on the beach to tell Maria about the festival. She puts down the newspaper on her towel, grabs her smartphone and immediately googles the festival. Of course, she also likes the coming event on Facebook and gets all the information she needs. She’s so engrossed that she completely forgets the world around her – because her head is already buzzing with anticipation and inside it, a melody by Chopin is floating around.


It’s only when Maria shouts “Ola, Antonia, ola!” that she looks up from her smartphone. Her friend is already taking a swim in the sea and wants Antonia to join her for a race or two. Humming that Chopin tune she has stuck in her head and with warm sun at her back, Antonia gracefully jumps into the sea.


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