How to perfectly prepare your home for guests

How to perfectly prepare your home for guestsIf you have any spare rooms in your property, it’s highly likely that you’ll want to turn them into guest bedrooms when friends or family come to stay. Everyone hopes to win the accolade of being “the perfect host”, but when last minute guests arrive, it’s easy to miss those wonderful home décor ideas that make a visit extra special. You can of course add more tips to this list, according to the length of stay of your guests. But one word of warning: If you follow all these tips, you might find your guests want to move in permanently!


Begin by removing any evidence that the spare room is employed as an office, child’s playroom, or a storage facility. Your top priority is to make your guests feel completely comfortable during their stay and not as though they are imposing. Set the tone by checking that there’s plenty of storage space within the wardrobes and chests of drawers, supplying hangers in the wardrobe and scented sachets in the drawers. This way, they’ll feel free to unpack properly.

Essential furniture

In addition to a spacious, comfortable bed, one of the most important pieces of guest room furniture is the bedside table, which should always be fitted out with a reading lamp and bottled water. Keep this space clean and clear: It’s likely that your guests will need it for essential items such as their mobile phone, glasses and any medication.
Personal space is an essential consideration in effective interior designs. Your guests should be able to retreat to their bedroom without having to lie on the bed. Adding an armchair to the corner of the room gives your visitors a place to curl up with a good book – something that there should always be a sizable supply of in any thoughtfully decorated guest room. Including a writing desk will be particularly highly valued by any visitors who need to work during their trip. Write out a card with your Wi-Fi name and password and place it prominently on the desk.

Simple accessories

The best and simplest addition to a guest room has to be a vase of freshly cut flowers, which will add fragrance and colour to the room while making it clear that special preparations have been made for the visit. Check that the curtains or blinds are adequate in blocking out early morning sunlight, allowing your visitors to enjoy a good night’s rest, and provide an alarm clock to let them keep their own schedule.

Towels and linen

Freshly laundered white linens are timeless, not to mention easy to replace. Spare pillows and blankets will allow your guests to tailor their sleeping arrangements to match their preferences, ensuring that your guests feel thoroughly taken care of throughout their stay. Provide each guest with at least two towels each and a face cloth, stocking their en-suite or the bathroom they will be using with essential products. To complete the effect, you could even supply some soft guest bathrobes and slippers.

If you feel that your home isn’t equal to your hosting requirements, you may wish to consider investing in a property that will allow you to entertain as often as you like. With experienced real estate agents located all around the world, Engel & Völkers are always perfectly positioned to assist. Visit us online for more information.