Phuket Culture: Preserving Kathu’s golden days

Phuket Culture: Preserving Kathu’s golden days


Thursday 10 July 2014, 09:44AM


PHUKET: As monks head to the temples come the Buddhist Lent long weekend of July 11-13, Kathu city will be celebrating its history, culture and heritage as part of the 6th annual Kathu Walking Street Festival.


To take place in the area of the Kathu Shrine fresh market from 5.30pm until late, the festivities will provide lots of food, culture, colour and of course, photo opps, with activities aimed at preserving and informing participants about the “real” Phuket.  


Speaking to The Phuket News in an exclusive interview, Kathu Mayor Chaianan Sutthikul says the purpose of the event is to present the Kathu lifestyle and heritage to both foreign and Thai tourists, so as to preserve the past on an island where the past all too often is disappearing.

“For as long as I can remember, Kathu has been my town… my home. In creating this festival, the idea was to share all the things I had touched, felt and scene since my childhood. Kathu is not a beach destination like other areas [of Phuket], but many Kathu residents still live as they did in the old days.”

Indeed, the heart of Kathu Old Town district is much the same as it used to be a century ago (with the exception of powerlines and motorbikes), when it boomed thanks to a thriving mine industry.

“Kathu is different from other parts of Phuket. Tourists always remember Phuket as a beach destination, but I want to present them with another side of the island – local culture, customs, food and a traditional way of life.”

“With the advent of AEC (Asean Economic Community) next year, many areas of the island will be designated as tourism zones. Kathu old-town will be one of them.”
“I want to tell the story of Kathu to people, of how are ancestors used to be.”

So come out and enjoy night shows, art exhibitions, traditional outfits, local food and much more on July 11-13.

The Kathu Walking Street Festival is proudly supported by Class Act Media – The Phuket News, Novosti Phuketa, Live 89.5 and The Phuket News TV.

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