Phuket in top 20 honeymoon spots

Published: 20 Feb 2014 at 09.31

Bangkok Post


 Phuket is among the world’s top 20 honeymoon destinations, according to Global Honeymoon Survey of Agoda, one of Asia’s leading hotel booking sites. 

The survey was recently conducted among 15,000 participants via its website It found that the Maldives is the favourite honeymoon destination. 

“We know the Maldives is a popular destination for couples but we were surprised that its allure is so global,” said Errol Cooke, vice-president Global Hotels. 

“Among countries where we had more than 100 respondents, only three didn’t pick it as the most popular dream honeymoon destination — the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand,” he added. 

The second most popular destination is the Greek Islands, followed by Paris, Bali, Hawaii, Italy, the Caribbean, Tahiti, New Zealand and Istanbul. 

Phuket is listed in the 11th place, followed by Australia, Prague, Las Vegas, New York, Spain, Cancun (Mexico), Rio de Janeiro, Croatia and Montreal


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