Picturesque Alaró in Mallorca – real estate to fall in love with

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Alaró appears like a surreal summer dream to you: Comfortable houses, inviting fincas, gorgeous villas, and the Mediterranean sun as a backdrop – in this setting you’ll soon buy property of your own.


You’ll be amazed to find that, next to all the beautiful houses, even unassuming, abandoned ruins have a story to tell, and that it can be pretty exciting to go on a journey of discovery in Spain. So let’s go: Sling your linen backpack across your shoulder, put on your straw hat, and off you go to the Castell d’Alaró! With the right, sturdy pair of shoes you can overcome almost any distance.

View on the entrance area of an antique finca in Alaró surrounded by nature

Antique finca, Alaró, Mallorca

Hiking can be fairly exhausting, so take short breaks in the shade provided by the occasional tree, rest up, and enjoy fresh apricots from the morning market. If, after some time, you notice that your hiking partners are still more red than tan and you start feeling a suspicious burning sensation on your nose, it’s time to get the LSF 30 sun screen out of your backpack. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get a tan in the Spanish Mediterranean sun, but right now, you really have to protect your skin from burns.


Once you’ve reached the ruins, you’ll find fellow hikers who are just as curious as you, running up and down the asphalt. Since you’ve thoroughly prepared and diligently learned Spanish, you’ll probably already understand quite a few things of what an old Spaniard explains to his granddaughter: The Castell d’Alaró is a small ruin at the peak of Puig de Alaró. Its origins most likely go back all the way to the Bronze Age, and since 1931, it’s officially a cultural heritage site of Spain.


The older man explains a little more to his granddaughter, but you’ve already heard the most important part. Your hiking friends are already waiting for you so they can prepare the descent and, at the end, top this day off with a cold drink in your finca.


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