Playing Golf in Mallorca Island in Son Vida

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Are you a real Golf enthusiast and can’t wait to enjoy the golf course in peace and harmony? Son Vida is the ultimate getaway for you! Here is where you’ll have a chance to connect with new people and discuss your favorite sport, the amazing properties and simple everyday madness with your new friends!

Expansive View from a Villa at Son Vida’s Golf Course in bright sunlight

Villa located directly at the Golf Course, Son Vida, Mallorca

Dominated by a casual and enticing club life, there’s always something going on at Club Son Vida Golf. Look forward to a great golfing experience in the afternoons or the weekends, right outside of your villa! The surrounding area in Son Vida Golf Club is particularly appealing: numerous Putting Greens and well maintained green lawns invite you to play.


Precisely because Son Vida is so popular with golfers, the Club was able to celebrate its 50th Anniversary of the Establishment at the end of July. Especially for this occasion, various events were arranged to celebrate this jubilee along with the numerous club members.


For Club Members, this event also provided an opportunity to to show themselves at their best and present unusual playing techniques in front of a wide audience.


An open tournament was offered to all adolescents under 21 years of age and many of them grabbed the chance and demonstrated their great skills. Moreover, a Lady Gold Tournament and an Oldies but Goldies Tournament were also presented, so that every type of golfer would have the chance to show off their abilities. The Fifty Year Anniversary was completed by a magnificent Gala Dinner at Son Caliu Hotel.


This event alone shows you just how vital and versatile golf is as a sport. It simply isn’t always just about hitting the ball at the right spot, but more so about being able to enjoy the sociable life on the golf course and establishing and maintaining new contacts.


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