Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino: Divergent ways of the “manner”



From March 8 to July 20, 2014 Palazzo Strozzi will host a major exhibition from Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino . Divergent ways of the “manner” , an exhibition dedicated to the work of Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino, the most unconventional and open-minded painters among the protagonists of the new way of understanding art in the sixteenth century. Italian Giorgio Vasari called ‘ manner modern ‘ .
Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino, are formed with Andrea del Sarto, while maintaining both a strong independence and freedom of expression: one, Pontormo, was a painter preferred by the Medici family and open to linguistic diversity and renewal of the compositional schemes of the tradition, the other Rosso, on the other hand was tied up with the tradition while yearning for originality and audacity, also influenced by the kabbalistic literature and esotericism .

As in the case of the recent highly successful exhibition of Bronzino, which has preferred to focus on wide and varied masterpieces of the two great artists, giving priority to the formal splendor and the highest poetry, Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino, such as to make it readable and clear not only to specialists, but also to the general public through thematic sections arranged in chronological order.
 A unique event , one that brings together for the first time the masterpieces of the two artists from Italy and abroad , many of which have been restored for the occasion.

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