In Porto Cristo a villa is not just any villa

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In Porto Cristo on Mallorca it’s not just the property that attracts buyers, it’s also the very special characteristics of the place that make Porto Cristo incomparable. No matter how beautiful the house or finca, the surroundings are often the decisive factor.


Originally, Anna just wanted to spend her vacation here. Friends advised her to come to Porto Cristo and discover the surroundings: The Historic District of course has a very special appeal for her, with its many delicious Spanish dishes and refreshing drinks.

View on a modern villa in Porto Cristo, complete with Pool, a terrace with many sun chairs, and a roof terrace.

Villa with luxurious grounds, Porto Cristo, Mallorca

Anna is very imaginative when it comes to living a little and not just spending the whole day at Porto Cristo’s tranquil beach. She takes the initiative and looks for experiences that she won’t soon get in her home country.


For example, she often visited the limestone caves Coves del Drac. At first she war unsure whether she should visit the caves, as they are a popular tourist destination. But as soon as she actually set foot in the Coves del Drac, she simply couldn’t help but look up and see the countless stalagmites and stalactites. Alle tunnels are interconnected and offer a fascinating look into this subterranean world.


She found the boat tours through the lakes in the cave especially impressive, as a total of six lakes await discovery. Anna simply can’t get enough of the caves: She has read many books on the topic and is learning about the different types of stone and rock.


And when she’s not studying the history of the caves, Anna likes to take long walks along the bays Cala Mendia and Cala Anguila. Her long hikes on the beach really helped her to figure out that she wanted to live in this part of Mallorca, in a beautiful Finca. She has come to love this humble town and doesn’t want to miss out on a life here ever again.


Maybe you’re next? Don’t just buy real estate, but experience a new outlook on life, full of enthusiasm and plans for the future, and soon you will come to love Porto Cristo, as well.


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