Property with additional benefits in Santa Maria

You’re looking for exclusive real estate on Mallorca? In Santa Maria you can live in your own, one-of-a-kind finca or villa and have a taste of the delicious Mallorcan cuisine. However, it’s not just a good place to live and eat well, but also a place where precious things are made.

Barn of a weaving workshop with tools in Santa Maria

A weaving workshop in Santa Maria, Mallorca


Especially Santa Maria is illustrates perfectly how tradition still has a very important role to play in the development of a society. For many tourists, Mallorca is just a catchword for having an abundance of leisure time. At times, you may even get the impression that most places on Mallorca were created just for tourists.


But the history of many developments was defined by people who continuously honed and improved upon traditional ways, enabling them to last until the present day.


Do you know what this is about? Perhaps you’ve already heard of the Bujosa family of Santa Maria! This family runs one of the most renowned weaving mills on the island: The family business of the Bujosas has, over time, become well-known and is in high demand.


For about three generations, the family has woven the most extravagant patterns into cotton for their customers. Here you can experience on-site how one can be successful and yet still have both feet on the ground: There is no mass production here, every single product is made to order.


These Mallorcan fabrics are called Tela de Lenguas, which roughly means “fabric of tongues” in English. The fabrics are mostly made of cotton, but linen or silk are sometimes used as well.


So if you ever need beautiful, hand-made curtains or tablecloths, this is the right place for you. These unique items made in a multitude of pastel colours will fit perfectly into your new finca and beautify your new home in style.


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