A property in Alcúdia for adventure-seekers

Even though the most beautiful place in the world is your home, your villa in Alcúdia, you still want to live a little sometimes. After all, you can always spend time in your comfy house in Mallorca, but there are other things you just can’t do every day. And some stuff you can really only do if you’re a real daredevil and a little bit of a megalomaniac.

wideangle view at a house with pool and alcudia in the background

pool at a terrace in alcudia


You’re curious and want to know what this is about? Maybe you’ve already got an idea which break-neck activity is meant here. Not a clue? Two little hints: It has something to do with the Tramuntana Mountains, a massive mountain range in the northwest of Mallorca. And you absolutely need a helmet for this risky sport.


Yes, you’ve guessed it: These mountains are perfect for mountain biking! Of course, that’s really only an option if you have a sizeable thirst for adventure and are ready to take some rough challenges head-on.

Still, a break in between never hurts – with a great view over the Serra de Tramuntana you can relax, quench your thirst, enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains, and mentally prepare for the next stage of your trip.


However, you can’t get by solely on your cycling skills in these mountains – some distances need to be bridged in other ways, because taking your mountain bike out for a ride also means you’ll have to occasionally push or carry it through rough terrain. And that’s nothing for the faint of heart, so be aware what kind of adventure you’re embarking on beforehand. Simply get acquainted with the sport before going on a tour – the owners of bicycle shops will gladly tell you about any and all important details.


So don’t forget: Spontaneity, flexibility and fearlessness are a good combination for mountain biking in the mountains of Mallorca.


But if you’d rather take it slow and just want to catch a nice breeze while cycling, Alcúdia also offers many plains to get enthusiastic about.

Of course you don’t have to be active all the time: After cycling, you can relax beautifully in your beach chair, in your villa, or on Alcúdia’s beaches, and toast to a great day with your friends.


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