Your property in Brussels in Belgium

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Your real estate agent promised you the perfect dream of a villa complete with a magnificent property in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. And he kept his word: Among the many flats and impressive properties, you’ve chosen and bought one that suits you perfectly.

House with a country-style character, surrounded by a well-kept garden, in Brussels

Country style house in Brussels, Belgium

One famous building you’ll probably know in Belgium’s capital Brussels, from travel guides or documentaries: the triumphal arch.  The sides of the arch hold splendid mosaics that all but invite you to marvel at them.

This tourist attraction is roughly 50 metres tall and made of granite, a very robust type of stone – on the ground there is a Quadriga representing the province of “Brabant”.


Especially in winter, the building radiates a strange, incomparable calm into the snowy surroundings. But even in summer, this arch is definitely worth a visit.


These facts are probably familiar to you, but you still don’t know how the arch looks like in reality or how the surroundings of the arch have been arranged. It’s something completely different to stand in front of the triumphal arch yourself and admire it. Most likely, you’ve planned this trip at your villa extensively. You’ve got a camera in your hand and are really nervous because you want to find the best angle for the perfect picture.


But it’s not just the triumphal arch that’s worth taking a look at – even the surroundings invite admiration, because the building lies close to the so-called ‘Parc du Cinquantenair’. In English that means “park of the fifty-year day”. If you’re a jogging enthusiast, this area is perfect to improve your endurance outside of your own property. So now there are no more spectacular excuses to shirk the morning or evening jog.


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