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Finally: Your real estate agent has found an exclusive villa for you and your family. This dream house with multiple properties is nothing compared to your previous flat where you merely owned one piece of real estate.


You’ve chosen Brussels as your new home – the city in Belgium which is famous for its delicious chocolate. It was here that Jean Neuhaus developed the coveted praline, which is to this day an exquisite alternative to a delicious bar of chocolate.


View from a skyscraper on the Senne in Brussels

Observation deck in Brussels


Be it pralines filled with marzipan, liqueur or brittle: For chocolate aficionados Belgium is a little dream of indulgence. But Belgium does not only excel with its Belgian chocolates by Jean Neuhaus, but also with other chocolate creations worth tasting, created by Charlemagne Chocolatiers or Galler Chocolate Makers. With a choice of chocolate this diverse, it sometimes isn’t easy to find your personal favourite in between all these treats. In time, however, you will grow into a real connoisseur.


If you have children and your charges can’t quite remember the crystalline structure of an iron unit cell: Visit the Atomium together with your children! After a trip to this monumental structure your children won’t soon forget the structure again.


Looking at the Atomium, you’ll probably be reminded of your own chemistry classes back in the day. This work of art shows the structure of a unit cell of an iron crystal and was designed by the engineer André Waterkeyn as a symbol for peaceful application of nuclear energy.  A total of nine spheres make up the 102-metre-tall construction, and there are discoveries to me made in every sphere.


If your children are still getting dizzy while trying to understand the structure, quickly jump into the elevator. Within seconds you will be transported to the topmost sphere of the work of art: Through massive panorama windows you can stare up intently at the blue sky and enjoy the view.


You’ll see: Only a piece of art can build bridges between science and a policy of peace like this. And your children will have learned a valuable lesson outside of chemistry class.


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