Your property – your holiday feeling in Santanyi

You’re on Mallorca, in Santanyi, and live in a beautiful villa or finca – it’s very comfortable, almost as if you’re living in a holiday home.

Holidays – that sound like strawberry ice cream, sun hats, and a lot of leisure time. This unmistakable feeling is individual and yet still universal, as anyone knows this holiday feeling that only comes along so often in a year.


Wooden terrace of a villa in Santanyi at good weather

Villa terrace, Santanyi, Mallorca


Now you live in Santanyi, a city where many tourists spend their holiday to search for exactly this feeling – and usually find it.


But you’ve decided to spend a large part of your life here, for you Mallorca has more to offer than just temporary amusement. Here, you will start a new chapter in your life, build a future in your dream property. So it seems only appropriate to have a closer look at the culture and peculiarities of this island.


A sight that you really shouldn’t miss out on is the 18th century church of Sant Andreu. Here, one of the many things you can marvel at is the baroque organ, constructed by the famous organ builder Jordi Bosch.


It’s not just this local feature that shows how interesting it can be to engage with the history of the town you live in.  For if you begin to see the peculiarities and distinctive features of the past, you are able to better understand the present and its events.


Perhaps this historical knowledge and understanding will even contribute to you feeling even more at ease and comfortable in your new home.


But if you still would like to spend a day like a tourist, you can always make a little trip to the beach Cala S’Almunia. You’ve earned yourself a break every once in a while.


And at the beach, you can feel safe, relax, and enjoy the sun – even though most swimming accidents happen out in the ocean, your safety is guaranteed: Under the watchful and specially trained eyes of the beach’s life guards, any danger is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Be it a child that swam out too far or an adult with a sudden cramp, here you can relax without a worry in the world.


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