Your property just a stone’s throw away from Puerto Andratx

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Your new house lies in Andratx on Mallorca. Around here, there are countless properties, but the villa you’ve picked is by far the most magnificent.


Most people are glad to be able to jump into the cool ocean after a long day in the Mallorcan sun. However, some people prefer to enjoy their time not in the water, but on the water: The port of Puerto Andratx holds many splendid boats. This is the ideal location to moor your own boat. Of course there are many other boats in the port, but it’s well-guarded and safety is guaranteed.

Stone finca in Andratx with carefully planted garden and an outside pool

Stone finca with outside pool, Andratx, Mallorca

The harbour is very idyllic, and if you take a closer look at the ships, you’ll probably notice the many ducks swimming in between the boats. Even they have found this place to be somewhere to feel comfortable, and attest to that with loud quacking.


Some children have brought something to eat for the ducks from the restaurants at the corner and are now throwing the bread to them. Perhaps you’re hungry after a tour with your boat, as well, and want to be spoiled by delicious food just like the ducks.


The many restaurants at the edge of the harbour offer premium quality and good service. Especially fish dishes are popular. You want to know what ‘fish’ means in Spanish? In Spanish, fish is ‘pescado’, and in Catalan it’s ‘peix’. Don’t just have the food melt on your tongue, but also the Spanish language. It’s here where fish is not just fish – everything is a question of language and of taste.

Property in Andratx in Mallorca

Villa in Andratx, Mallorca

You can find our extraordinary real estate portfolio for Andratx and environs here.