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You own a wonderful villa in the eastern part of Mallorca, are comfortable in your home, but haven’t quite gotten used to the new environment in Mallorca? Perhaps you want to know a little bit more about Artà? Then I’d like you to join me on a little journey of discovery!


Artà is a very tranquil and well-situated town – but don’t take that to mean that there’s nothing to experience here. Sometimes, the seemingly most unspectacular things are the most exciting. Like a hike to the pilgrimage church of San Salvador, for example. The physical exercise calms and balances the mind. When you finally arrive at the church, you’re already mentally prepared for its humble and modest splendour.


This experience makes me – and hopefully you, as well – realise that the most precious moments in life are free of charge. Artà simply is a very special village.


By the way, do the handy backpacks all the tourist have slung around their shoulders seem familiar to you? Then you should pay a visit to the Artà’s market. Yes, it’s a tourist favourite, but it’s well worth diving into the crowd for a quick tour of the market. From whispering seashells to colourful laces you’ll find everything a tourist’s heart desires. You can even take a quick peek and watch the basket weavers at work.  


Another sight worth seeing are the limestone caves of Artà.  An experienced guide can tell you all there is to know about this almost inconceivable natural work of art and make it more tangible. More than once you will have hold on to the handrails in order to avoid going over the edge out of sheer fascination. All tunnels have been illuminated especially for you and emphasise the reverent atmosphere within the caves.


So, now you’re weary and exhausted from caving? Not a problem – simply put on the straw hat you bought on the market and head on home. There you can cheerfully lay yourself on the sun-kissed terrace of your new finca or villa. But watch out: Always drink enough water and don’t forget the sunscreen!


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